Class Rules



  1. Be prepared for class- binder, pencil, worksheets and homework.

  2. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. Name calling and teasing WILL NOT be tolerated.

  3. All school rules apply in this classroom. Follow them at all times.

  4. Take responsibility for yourself- YOU control your actions.


  1. Always try your hardest and do your best.


  1. Talking with your peers will be a part of many activities. Therefore, only talk when you are permitted to do so.


  1. ALWAYS use a pencil in class and when doing homework- work done in pen will NOT be accepted. Pens will be used only when correcting. You must bring a pencil sharpener to class with you every day.


  1. Use of computers and the internet in the classroom must be appropriate and comply with school policy.


  1. Lateness to class will not be tolerated. Three (3) lates to class will result in a lunch detention.