2020-2021 High School Information

Monmouth County Vocational School District’s (MCVSD) Information Session portal will be opening on Sunday, November 1st. Here are some key points to review before you watch the virtual Information Session video’s: 

  • You MUST attend a remote information Open House for any of the schools you are applying to. 
  • At the conclusion of the video, you MUST complete a registration form confirming you attended the session for the school you are applying to. 
  • You can only apply to ONE School, but may attend multiple sessions. 
  • The MCVSD application deadline is Friday, December 4, 2020.  Late application will NOT be accepted. 
See the link to proceed to the Information Sessions after November 1st.

High School Information Presentation, from Mrs. Anderson


Monmouth County Vocational Career Academy High School

This year, each MCVSD Academy will host a remote information session. Remote information sessions will be hosted via pre-recorded video providing specific information about the school such as the curriculum offered, student life, and parent and community partnerships.

Applicants will be required to watch the remote information session in order to apply. Remote information sessions will be available November 1 – December 4, 2020. At the conclusion of each academy video, interested applicants will be directed to another online video outlining the admissions and application process. Students will be required to submit a Google registration form that will serve as documentation that the applicant viewed the video. All applications submitted will be confirmed in order to document the applicant has met the information session requirement. Applications submitted without a record of viewing the video (registration form) will be withdrawn. The application will be available after November 1, 2020.


Video 1: Overview of the FRHSD

Video 2: Magnet Program Application Process

Video 3: Magnet Program Timeline

Video 4: International Baccalaureate

The Freehold Regional District Open House portal opens today.  Please see the link below to preview all the dates and related program information. FRHSD Open House Portal
The online application open October 1 and closes November 9th.
New Jersey Regional Crisis Hotlines
Listing of crisis hotlines below
Middle School North Overview

Contact Us

Ms. Jessica Amato, 6th Grade
(732) 919-0095 x8488

Mrs. Tracy Spalding, 7th Grade
(732) 919-0095 x8231

Mrs. Kristine Anderson, 8th Grade
(732) 919-0095 x7219

Our Mission

To implement a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program which fosters student success through focusing on academic achievement, social/emotional development, and career exploration in a positive atmosphere.

Who Are School Counselors?

School Counselors, referred to as “guidance counselors” in the past, help every student improve academic achievement, personal and social development and career planning. We are highly trained educators who uphold ethical and professional standards to design, implement and manage comprehensive, developmental, results-based school counseling programs that promote, encourage and enhance student success.

What Do School Counselors Do?

School Counselors address the academic and developmental needs of all students, not just those in need. We collaborate with students, parents, staff members, as well as the community in order to ensure future success.


S.H.A.R.E. “Students Helping All Residents Everywhere”

Middle School North is pleased to present a character education program available to all students. Encompassing the Six Pillars of Character Education: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship, students will be rewarded for volunteering their time by performing community service.

The students who participate in this program submit documentation of completed community service hours at the end of each marking period. Recognition for accumulated community service hours are as follows:

  • 15 hours = Hornet tier
  • 25 hours = Bronze tier
  • 50 hours = Silver tier
  • 75 hours = Gold tier
  • 100 + hours = Platinum tier
  • 300 + hours = Diamond tier


S.H.A.R.E. 2020

February 2020-Anderson Stich, Team 7-3, 15+ Hours-Hornet Tier


Volunteer Organizations


"North S.T.A.R.S."

Our "North S.T.A.R.S." (Students Transforming And Redefining Schools) Program has changed from using the 6 Pillars of Character Education to:



Students’ names will be displayed on MSN’s star wall when a staff members notice students demonstrating any of the CORE 4: elements--RESPECT, EFFORT, TEAMWORK, AND SAFETY.  These students will still receive a certificate. And, at the end of each month, an email blast will be still be sent out to all of the parents and staff with a list of that month’s “North S.T.A.R.S.”  In addition, with assistance from our amazing PTA and local community organizations and business, all nominated North S.T.A.R.S. are entered into monthly prize drawings to award their positive impact on our school community. 


Quarterly Topics of Interest

  • Connect with Kids

    This very informative weekly newsletter can be sent to you via e-mail or log onto this website: CWK Network produces innovative educational topics covering children and teen issues. For more information; please call: 1-888-598-KIDS

Informative Websites



Websites of Interest


Students of the Month - March

Maddox Colfer 6-1 Abinanti, Alburtus, Mould, Clays, Bissey, Aidlen
Isabella Finnamore 6-1 Buccheri, Tozer, M. McGrath, Newsome, Mc Court
Emily  Kong 6-2 Gorman, Johnson, Withstandley
Luke Farrell 6-2 Roberto, Breunig, Hershkowitz 
Mia Bruno 6-2 Lyristis, Notta
Christopher Riccio 6-2 Franklin
Matthew Ficorelli 6-2 Fyfe
Zoe Klinger 7-1 Ebeling, Collins, Raleigh
Grace  Parry 7-1 Bender, Caruso, Liberatore
Kayla Fallon 7-1 Curran, Borodich, C. Alburtus
Logan Correale 7-2 Baker, Hudson, Agoston, Butkus, Keugler, Camilleri
Kedar Nair 7-2 Wright, Kristensen, Skloff, Carlucci, Schoenenberger
Milana Sattarova 8-1 Matuch, Hull, Higgins
Brooklyn Taylor 8-1 Eiffert, Anderson, Howell
Elijah Boza 8-1 Smith, Bishop, Adams
Alexis O'Connor 8-2 Wells, C. McGrath, Amey, Marzocca, Holsey, Orsini
Nicholas  Karl 8-2 Marsh-Colfer, Neubert, Hope, Brown, Levine, Vistein
Ethan Victor 8-2 Chinchilla
Yamelette  Ray 8-2 Bernal