Math Policies





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       Your attendance in class is extremely important.  If you are absent from class due to an activity, (band, chorus, guidance, nurse, etc.) it is your responsibility to see me to get the assignment or work for the day.  You are not excused from that day’s assignment.  If you are absent from school, you can find the assignment on our class schoology page or you can ask a friend.  If papers are needed, please see me the following day to get the assignment.





** Homework will usually be given Monday through Thursday.


** A “Problem of the Week” will be assigned occasionally on a Monday and due on Friday.


** All homework will be checked daily at the beginning of class.


** In order to receive credit for an assignment the student must attempt every problem and show all work for every problem.  Credit will be given if an answer is incorrect, but an attempt was made and work was shown.



1 ½” binder
7 dividers (Warm-Ups, Classwork, Homework, Quizzes &Tests, P.O.T.W, Learning Goals, Exit Slips)
lined paper


*** If you need assistance in getting any of these materials, simply send a note or e-mail me and I will make every effort to make sure he or she has what is needed***