Mrs. McCourt's Language Arts Class

Welcome to Mrs. McCourt' s  Language Arts Class
PERIOD 6: District Unit Narrative Test
~Friday 1/10/2020
** This is not a test you can really study for. Classwork, practice and homework are the best way to practice the skills on the test. A study guide will be given on Monday 1/6, however so that you will be aware of the skills tested.
Period 3: Vocabulary, Character Traits, Context Clues Test
~ Tuesday, 1/14/2020
** A vocabulary website will be uploaded to practice starting on Tuesday. The other skills cannot be studied, but can be practiced through homework and classwork. Be sure to do your Homework to help you practice!
What we are doing in class this week and upcoming:
Period 1 and 3:
  • Wilson lesson 2.2 -- Closed syllable words, blends, digraph blend, welded sounds, and -s &- es suffixes
  • Independent reading books should be read nightly at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Visualizing a text we are reading
  • Reading Notebook entries
  • Character Traits
Period 6
  • Post-its required every 4-5 pages for our books
  • "The Benefits of Being An Octopus" Read aloud continued
  •  Theme
  • Pronouns
  • Practice for Unit Test
  • Unit Test Friday
Supplies you will need:
  • Post-its (3x3)
  • one folder
  • pens/pencils
  • 2 marbled notebooks (not spiral)- Reader's and Writer's
  • earbuds
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