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Welcome and Classroom Expectations


Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!



I am so excited to share your 8th grade experience with you.  In our classroom, you will grow as readers and writers.  This year our units of study will focus on the following: Narrative Fiction, Literary Analysis, Argument/ Nonfiction, and finally Book Clubs!  


Language Arts Policies

Room E211

Mrs. McGrath- [email protected]  (ext. 8211)




  1.     Treat others as you wish to be treated – there is no tolerance for bullying, teasing, or swearing.
  2.      Raise your hand when you wish to speak or leave the room.
  3.      Masks are to be worn at all times and all COVID policies are to be followed. 
  4.     Follow directions, work quietly and always do your best.
  5.     Respect those who are speaking.
  6.     No cell phones.
  7.     ALWAYS bring your independent reading book and iPad!!
  8.     When in doubt ask!



All policies listed within the handbook are to be followed. The use of iPads in class will be treated as a privilege. Students using the iPads during class for anything other than the current assignment will lose privileges for that day. It is expected that devices be fully charged each day.



Academic Integrity


You are expected to turn in work that is 100% your own. Anything that is submitted plagiarized is subject to no credit and disciplinary action. DO NOT DO IT.