Bienvenido a la Clase de Español!

Mrs. Mary Young

Howell Middle School North

Spanish for Grades 6th, 7th and 8th

(732) 919-0095 ext. 7115


¡BIENVENIDOS a la clase de español!

My name is señora Young and I will be your child’s Spanish teacher for 2019-2020 school year.  It is important to remember that learning a second language requires hard work over time. 


All students are expected to: 

1. RESPECT everyone. Cooperate and work well with others.

2.  DO YOUR BEST each and every time! Complete all assignments.  Late assignments will NOT be accepted for full credit. 

3.  BE PREPARED and on time! (his/her Spanish binder or notebook with folder, work from previous classes and a pen/pencil).


Grading Policy:

Tests/Projects                           50% 

Quizzes                                     20%

Verbal Assignments                  20%                       

Assignments                             10%         


*Technology Note: any WORK SUBMITTED using an online translator will NOT be accepted


Contact Information: Email:        Phone: (732) 919-0095 x7115


*PLEASE NOTE:  Grades will be posted to the Parent Portal on a weekly basis.  If your child has completed an assignment and it does not show on the Portal, please be patient.  However, if you do believe there is an error or you have questions regarding grades, please feel free to contact me at the above email.

Together, I am sure your child will have a successful year.


SUPPLIES: All students are required to be prepared for class everyday!  Students should NOT report to class unprepared. 

For this school year, the supplies needed for class are:

1. a binder with paper and dividers OR a notebook with a folder

2. a pen or pencil

3. Textbook will remain in class and be used as needed


Assignments for TRIMESTER 2:


****While we are remote learning please****



6th grade:

1. Ser chart worksheet

2. 5 sentences with SER + de = origin

3. Don Quixote worksheet on ser

4. Adjective translations

5. Notes on alto vs altos

6. Los adjectives: agreement (delgado-delgada)

7. Ser sentences on backside of paper; all except number 6 



7th grade:

1. Prepositions - list worksheet with pictures

2. La Caja

3. La Persona

4. El dibujo

5. Workbook pg 17 and 18 act 1 and 2 both sides

UNIT 2 Test next week (7-1 on Thursday and 7-2,7-3 on Friday)




-ar verb conjugation

Prepositions (direction words)

Places in school


Ir + al or a la + place


8th grade:

1. o-ue stem changing definitions worksheet

2. Food list