Bienvenue à la classe de français.

My name is Mme Luppens and I will be your child’s French teacher for 2019-2020 school year.  It is important to remember that learning a second language requires hard work over time. Your child will be expected to:


1. Students are expected to complete all assignments.  Late assignments will be accepted with a reduced credit.

If a student misses class, it is the student's responsibility to check Schoology for any missed work and/or assignments.

2. Pay attention and focus in class.
3. Cooperate and work well with others.
4.  Come to class prepared (his/her laptop, his/her French folder, work from previous classes and a pen/pencil).


                                                            Grading Policy: Total Points

Tests/Projects/Pen Pal Letters     100                        Speaking Tasks        50

Quizzes                                         25 - 50                    Assignments          **200   


**Students must decide how they will earn those points using different platforms.  Anything over the 200 points will count as extra credit.         


Schoology Website Information:

Username is child’s 1st initial and last name

Password is child’s initials and school ID number 


For example:  The username and password for John Smith would be:

                        Username: jsmith

                        Password: js112233



Contact Information: Email:        Phone: (732) 919-0095 x8118


*PLEASE NOTE:  Grades will be posted to the Parent Portal on a weekly basis.  If your child has completed an assignment and it does not show on the Portal, please be patient.  However, if you do believe there is an error or you have questions regarding grades, please feel free to contact me at the above email.

Together, I am sure your child will have a successful year.