Sally Hasse » ¡BIENVENIDOS a la clase de la señora Hasse!

¡BIENVENIDOS a la clase de la señora Hasse!

Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                          September, 2019


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  My name is Señora Hasse and I am your child’s Spanish teacher.   I appreciate you taking the time to read this page and discuss with your child what will be required of him/her in Spanish class.

 Your child’s WORLD LANGUAGE ASSIGNMENTS CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED BY GOING TO Schoology or YOUR CHILD’S DAILY PLANNER!!!   I would like each student to be responsible for their assignments!  This is what will be expected of them in high school. That being said - assignments will also be posted on SCHOOLOGY.  I teach NINE sections of Spanish ((3) 6th grade  (3) 7th grade  & (3)  8th grade).  Your child should be able to identify his/her class as either azul/blue     morado/purple   or  green/verde.  When he/she goes to the SCHOOLOGY page for the class it will have a blue, purple, or green door on the page that goes with the color of the class.


Every student will have access to an online textbook called Avancemos .  Through this online book your child will have access to a variety of tools and activities that will facilitate and enhance the acquisition of the language.  Ask your child to show you how to access the book and how to use the many online features!


Each student should have a three ring binder with paper for Spanish class or a section in a three ring binder that is shared with other classes.  Your child should bring this binder, daily planner, something to write with and his/her charged laptop to EVERY class. Students are not allowed to charge their laptop in class.  Please remind your child to charge the laptop every night so that they are prepared to fully participate in classroom activities!


Please be aware that a final grade of “C” will keep a student off of the honor roll. The final grade will be calculated as follows:

Tests and Projects                 50%  (& Notebook/Do Now grade)  (Every student is expected to come prepared to class and to start the DO NOW upon entering the classroom and complete it to the best of his/her ability)

Quizzes                                   20%

Verbal Assessments              20%

Assignments                          10%


I am looking forward to this school year and to working with your child.  Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s progress, please e-mail me at


The study of another language is very much like studying math in that it is cumulative! Your child will need to: follow the classroom procedures, study Spanish a little everyday that he/she has class, use a personal planner (either hand written in a book / or a calendar/planner on the computer) to keep track of assignments, and will need to complete all assignments (ON TIME)  in order to be successful.  I am looking forward to a GREAT year!