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Welcome to Team 6-5 Math and Science!

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Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is upon us. Since coming back from winter break, many students have been out sick. To keep our team healthy, donations of tissues, lysol, and clorox wipes would be greatly appreciated!

Extra Math Help

After school math help will be held every Thursday. Any one who needs additional math support is welcome to come. Contact me for a permission slip.

Classroom Twitter

This year, I started a twitter account to highlight some of the new and exciting things the students of team 6-5 are doing in class. Please consider following @neill_ms. However, I would love the opportunity to celebrate their success outside of the classroom also. If your child is doing something notable that you would love to brag about, let me know. Whether it be sports, theater, music, scouts, etc feel free to notify me about it any time throughout the year. So many of my students are doing amazing things that I, and their classmates, have no idea are happening. I would love to share those accomplishments!