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Mrs. McCourt's Language Arts Class

Upcoming Quiz
  *** Unit 3 Vocabulary/Figurative Language Quiz*** Thursday, January 24
You will need to:
- know the definitions
- be able to identify different figurative Language
- write sentences using figurative language and vocabulary words
- See Schoology for two games you can play for review:)
See the right hand side for the Vocabulary words and videos for figurative Language -----> ------->  -------->
Reading Reminder:
When placing in Post-its, you should be using your thinking stems to help push your thinking about your books. These are located in your reader's Notebooks!
What we will be working on (now and upcoming):
  • Continuing Unit 3 Vocabulary  with Figurative Language
  • Dialogue
  • Sensory Details
  • Writing an opening
  • a narrative piece of writing
*Please check the homework link on the right side. Reading nightly and logging your reading is required almost every night!
Supplies needed daily for class..
  • Post-its (3x3)
  • a folder
  • pens/pencils
  • 2 marbled notebooks (not spiral)- Reader's and Writer's
  • earbuds
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