Mary Young » Bienvenido a la Clase de Español!

Bienvenido a la Clase de Español!

Mrs. Mary Young

Howell Middle School North

Spanish for Grades 6th, 7th and 8th

(732) 919-0095 ext. 7115



All assignments will be posted on this webpage. Please check daily and make sure you find your grade!!! 




El Grado Seis:

1. El Mundo coloring activity; if not finished in class complete for hw

2. El diccionario activity done in class

3. SER worksheet

4. SER + de worksheet; complete any five sentences (front side of paper should be completed as well)

TEST (Tuesday and Wednesday) on the SER chart and creating sentences expressing origin; ser + de- Review on Schoology-quizlet games



El Grado Siete: 

1. Las Preposiciones y Fotos

2. The Guy Side worksheet; las preposiciones

3. El Vaso worksheet

4. El dibujo de la clase

5. "Dónde está el Gato" 

6. IR worksheet

7. Workbook pg 79-80 activities 1 and 2 on both sides

QUIZ on the verb IR + al or a la + place. Know how to conjugate the verb and remember that:

"al" is used for masculine words (al auditorio= TO THE auditorium)

"a la" is used for feminine words (a la biblioteca= TO THE library)

8. IR: coloring activity

Unit 3 Test (Friday and Tuesday) on Time, classes, direction words, ar verb conjugation, estar, tener and ir + al or a la

Study warm ups for this week as well as review on schoology- quizlet games


El Grado Ocho:

1. Pedir and Servir worksheet; complete entire front side. On back complete just three sentences 

2. Workbook pg 171 activities 1 and 2 and workbook pg 172 act 1

EL MENU: make sure that it is complete! Worth a project grade.