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Welcome to Team 8-1 Social Studies. 
This year we will be covering more recent American history from the Progressive Era through the Vietnam War.  Along the way students will be presented opportunities to grow into better readers, writers, and life long learners. 

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January 17

Date July 28, 1932
Went over stock sheet and how to complete it over the next 5 days
Picture is worth a thousand words, pick 3 to describe the depression pics
Completed the Roosevelts 18-21
HW study for vocab quiz 

January 16

Date June 17, 1930


Went over where did the money go?

Completed Don’t Know Much notes

Went over cycle of poverty

Roosevelt Family tree

Started working on the Roosevelt’s worksheet

January 15

Students went over 1920's tier project grades
took notes on President Hoover
completed Don't Know Much About History on schoology
Completed Where did the money go? on schoology

January 14

Date October 29, 1929
Went over vocab for vocab quiz on Friday
Buying on Margin 
completed NYSE on schoology

January 9

20's tier project due no later than Friday January 11 
What is the reason for the government shutdown?
What does each side want?
Who do you feel is right in this conflict? Explain.

December 18

1. went over document analysis 
2. handed out packets, announced packets will be collected and part of the DBQ grade, students worked on the questions, finish for homework