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LA and SS HW

LA - Vocabulary cards on flash cards.

SS - Finish Don't Know Much About History and Where Did the Money Go on Schoology.  

SS and LA HW

LA - Define all 15 words for tomorrow.  Finish the questions on the Chicago fire.
SS - Finish stock paper.  Vocab quiz on chapter 7 vocab.

Don't forget

SS project due Friday AND if you didn't finish the President's speech questions, do them for HW

SS Project

SS Project is due Friday.  If you are out, be sure to submit it on Schoology.  


Be sure to understand The Gift of the Magi and Annabell Lee.  You will need to answer questions for a test grade tomorrow.  

Literary Analysis craft #2

Write the second literary analysis paragraph.  Pick a second craft to write about for the Princess and the Pea.  Do not retell the story.  

LA and SS HW

LA - Finish writing your paragraph for the literary analysis 

SS - Study for the WW I test.  Be sure to know your study guide and these people:  Johm Pershing, Eddie Rickenbacker, Alvin York, Woodrow Wilson, Charles Schenck, William Sims, Eugene Debs, A. Mitchell Palmer, Vladimir Lenin.

Propaganda project due 12/4

Propaganda project is due tomorrow.  If you are out, attach it here and submit.  It is due tomorrow.

LA ands SS HW, 11/29

LA - Re read The Open Book.  Be sure to know the story for the essay toorrow.  You will need to write the next chapter of the story.  


SS - Benchmark exam tomorrow.  Project due December 4.

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