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Welcome to Team 7-2 Science with Mrs. Raleigh!

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Get ready for a fun, exciting, thought-provoking, hands-on year in science!  On any given day in the classroom you can expect to be conducting labs and investigations using scientific practices, running virtual simulations, participating in demonstrations, class discussions, utilizing the engineering design process for a variety of in-class projects and building challenges, making models, watching video clips, creating an amazing INB (interactive notebook), and researching.  Keep an open mind and be involved; whether it's coming up to the board, participating in a demonstration, adding to discussions, or actively contributing to team activities!

It is important that you bring your school-issued MacBook (with charger and earbuds), writing utensils and any other materials you might need to class each day.  Although your INB will be kept in a crate in class, you MAY take it home if you'd like to use it to reference to or study from, BUT it needs to come back to class the very next day.  Your INB will be a life-saver throughout the year and a prized possession when you are finished with it at the end of the year!  Be prepared, stay focused, and strive for your best and you will meet your goals with much success!

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Mission for the Class


Everyone will gain positive social skills, work cooperatively and productively in teams, enhance prior knowledge, retain material presented in the 7th grade science curriculum, and have a greater passion for science and engineering.  You will each leave the 7th grade as critically-thinking, responsible, and contributing individuals within our society.


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Show off your #KnowMe

There is still time to show off your #KnowMe assignment IF you want to (and I hope you do)! Print it out, bring it in Monday, and we will hang it on our wall!

Survey and #KnowMe Reminder

Wow! Over the past few days I've seen more than half the team submit their #KnowMe assignments on Schoology and complete the Parent and Student Survey!  THANK YOU for being proactive and completing them ahead of time!  IF you already submitted your #KnowMe assignment, please view your grade and the comment that I left for you on the assignment! Don't forget they are due tomorrow along with your decorated composition book for science!